Friday, June 14, 2019

Cited by the Gender Identity Police!

I really wish we didn’t have so many Identity Police busily telling us what we REALLY are and citing us for Doing It Wrong!

I am a strongly feminine person, a woman, who got this way by being a transgender person.  I have been told that I am:
1) Not a Real Woman
2) A biological Male with feminine presentation (Hah!  Like you can see my karyotype.  XY, XX, XO cells all through my body, uterine remnants removed as part of a surgery, etc...)

OK, so maybe I’ll call myself womxn.  That’s supposedly inclusive of those who got here with a trans background, except of course when someone defines it differently.

I find that I am attracted to humans with a strongly feminine personality and presentation.  You know, what we commonly call women, or wimmin, or womxn.  My therapist says that makes me ‘lesbian’, but the Identity Police tell me:
1) I cannot use ‘lesbian’ because I am appropriating their culture.
2) ‘lesbian’ is reserved for Real Women, sometimes spelled Womyn.

OK, whatever.  My identity is ‘really femme human with boobs and vagina who is attracted to similar humans.’

Does that pass muster, O Identity Police?

The folks policing their self-defined borders of identity are nothing more than fools sawing off pieces of our shared life raft.  Perhaps they really believe that they can make it without any support from other marginalized folks.  More likely they haven’t thought that far ahead.

These Identity Police pose a real problem for me, keeping a straight face. 😉

When face-to-face, I have difficulty suppressing my eye-rolling reflex, and often have to go to great lengths to avoid breaking out in laughter at some overly-earnest sort mangling Germaine Greer’s latest rationalizations.

The half-baked ‘explanations’ based on fundamental misunderstandings of biology are just sad, and of course such folks are impervious to mere information.

What does make me sad is that the propaganda campaign laid out by the hate-mongers at Family Research Council appears to be working. They have been seeking to drive a wedge between the LGB population and the smaller Transgender population, and their approach seems to be working.

They are also ramping up their campaign to split off Bi folks.  The overall intent is to fragment the marginalized populations, along with maintaining a strong anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment among their supporters.

Another prong of their attack is the effort to appoint Federal judges with opinions favorable to their cause.   They have been very successful at this.

The overall goals include driving transgender people into invisibility, and revisiting the court decisions that produced marriage equality.  It’s on their web site!

“Ideally, the law would forbid government recognition, in any way (whether on birth certificates, driver’s licenses, passports, or any other government-issued identification), of any change in an individual’s biological sex as identified at birth.”

The plan to split the T off from the LBG arose shortly after marriage equality emerged from the US Supreme Court.

It’s ugly out there.